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Why You Need To Deploy Seller Toolkit In Your Arbitrage Business

Let me ask you a few questions...

How do you keep track of your business numbers?

Do you succeed in claiming for all stock reimbursements due to you?

How much are you paying Amazon in storage fees every month?

Many clients we work with fail to know their numbers and some struggle to keep track of these. Using a spreadsheet is a great starting point, but you will have to manually run reports every day, week, month and spend hours processing them individually which can prove extremely time consuming.

If this is what you are currently doing, then there’s nothing wrong with that. Seriously. However, it can be an arduous task. For small business owners like us, we do not just spend our day manually completing maintenance tasks such as these. Instead, we need to be focusing on growth tasks that will propel the business forward and fast track results. Time is the commodity that is most often wasted by people. With tangible commodities (money, food, etc.), if we lose it, we can acquire and gain more at a later date. It's impossible to replace time which we have wasted away today. Time is forever lost, so why waste it by doing maintenance tasks in your business using long and manual processes when there is software available that can do it for you?

This is why we love Seller Tool Kit (or STK for short).

STK is an Amazon arbitrage business owner’s dream partner. It is a tool that lets you manage and view all your business-related numbers, which seamlessly integrates with your Amazon account to assist you in managing your inventory, profit and loss, reimbursements and so much more. You can use the Seller Tool Kit through your computer, on your phone or even from your tablet.

Let’s take a deep dive and review Seller Tool Kit's current features.

Real Time Dashboard - For Your Account and SKUs

The real time dashboard provides you with the key statistics and seller metrics for your account in one place - simple and easy to read data. You can also see metrics for any date by selecting the said date from the dropdown menu.

The Dashboard

The dashboard can be changed to show your own personalised view and widgets added, removed and date ranges pre-set to show the overviews that work for you. You can keep tabs on your profit, ROI, sales performance and business expenses, without having to click any buttons!

Smart Calculator

STK has a smart calculator built into the software which you can use to manually reprice based on the required RoI or Profit Amount on a SKU at any time.

Inventory Listings

The Inventory View

It also has a feature which lets you see Profit and Loss across all marketplaces in one place for each SKU. You can filter the inventory by:


  • In Stock

  • No CoG

  • Losers

  • Unfulfillable

  • Stranded

  • Listing Errors – No Fees

  • Etc.

In addition, you can also search by SKU, ASIN, FNSKU, Title or Part of Title.

Order History

You will also have visibility of all your orders in real time and an accurate P&L. Here, you’ll be able to filter by:

  • Date


  • Market Place

  • Pending

  • Shipped

  • Removal

  • Returns

  • Loses

  • Disposal

  • Etc.

Alternatively, you’d also be able to search by using the Order ID, SKU, ASIN, FNSKU, Title, or Part of Title.

For non VAT sellers who are required to upload invoices within a 24 hr period for business customer orders, STK has a prebuilt notifier and the ability to generate an invoice by a simple click of a button, enabling you to upload the invoice directly to the order page within seconds.

Auto Alerts

STK also features Auto alerts for important notifications, for example: Negative Feedback, New Unfulfillable Items, Changed Listing and so on:

  • Fees Missing

  • Cost of Goods or CoGs Missing

  • Listing Title Changes

This is a nifty feature enabling you to monitor your account health from one place, especially if you are aiming to get the Buy Box which requires you to have minimal to zero negative feedback.

Auto Replenish Management with Calculator

Replenish Management Made Easy

STK has the best replenishment system on the market. This has already received an amazing amount of great feedback from users. It is simple and does not need any rules. You can use the simple calculator to see if an item is still profitable, have direct access to the source supplier you purchased the units from originally as well as quick access to the Amazon product listing. You’ll also be able to easily see sales volumes and velocity so you can make informed buying decisions. This feature alone has saved over 4 hours per week in many of our clients businesses and aiding in increasing sales revenue, by alerting the user directly in the software as soon as a product is due for replenishment.

VAT Status? Not A Problem

Currently in the market, Seller Tool Kit is the only app that calculates VAT accurately, no matter what VAT status you are at. It handles all types of VAT registration, whether non-VAT registered, Standard or Flat Rate. It also has a flexible VAT setting to cope with registration changes either in the past, or even in the future.

Not to mention that it is EFN and PAN Euro compliant.

Cost Of Goods

STK has a simple set up for Cost of Goods (or CoGs). You have the option of either loading the bulk CoGs using the spreadsheet template. Or, add them directly in the app. This can be set up via your purchasing sheet in a matter of minutes and a CoGs upload report completed every week to ensure your purchasing records are maintained for accurate P&L.

STK also has a unique way of processing the Cost of Goods. You will never have to keep monitoring the number of orders before you update the CoG Unit Price and it uses a first in first out rule when dealing with stock that has been purchased at different pricing points. STK will keep track of your orders, including damaged items, removals and disposals, and appropriately applies the correct CoGs.

An example would be:

You buy 3 items at £11 which is your trial purchase. Then, you buy 20 items but now the price is £12.

Seller Tool Kit will apply the £11 to the 1st 3 sales and then £12 to the next 20. You don’t have to wait to update the CoGs when the first 3 items are sold. This is all done automatically for you.

Amazon And Bespoke Report Generator

Report Generator

You can produce standard Amazon reports inside the software, such as VAT codes, CoGs, inventory and so on. Bespoke Seller Tool Kit reports have new reports constantly being added.

Additional Users

STK allows you to add other users within your account, providing them with their own username, password and access levels which is great news if you have a business partner/s or a team of VAs.


STK now hosts a rule based repricer inside the software, so there is no need for you to utilise an external repricing software to automatically repricer your product listings. This is a big time and cost saver and in our book, is the best repricer on the market.

The repricer dashboard allows you to see real time price history and data for every SKU in your inventory, set multiple rules and select from a wide variety of rule parameters to remain competitive on your listings. It is a simple yet very effective interface that is easier to navigate and reprices your new listings once added to your Amazon account automatically! No more time required to update every new listing anymore.


And finally, here are some features that you can add to your subscription.

  • Back Data - be able to load up to 18 months worth of historical data

  • Auto Reconcile - will accurately manage your inventory and reconciliation

  • Auto Repricer - due to the unique way that SellerToolKit applies your CoGs, you will not have to keep changing the CoG price for your replenishables for the repricer, SellerToolKit will do that for you and will adjust the sales price for you

  • Price Change History - for sellers who use non-STK Repricers

From the points mentioned within this article, STK is undeniably an essential tool that can make your work as a business owner more efficient and allow you to manage the majority of your tasks in one software. A lot of tedious tasks can be simplified just by using STK and remember, new features and improvements are being released inside the software every week.

Have we convinced you yet?

Are you ready to start your FREE trial of STK?

We have seen a huge shift in our community moving over to STK and thanking us for the referral.

To benefit from a free 14 day trial of the STK software and an additional 14 day free trial of the STK repricer, simply click HERE to get started.

Let us know how you get on and if you have any questions.


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