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We assist you to protect your account from suspension and verification issues with our Deactivation Defence service and provide tailored advice and guidance if you find your account suspended.

Our Deactivation Defence specialists know how to write winning Amazon appeals and plan of actions to reinstate Amazon seller accounts and now offer our expertise to you.

We give you a competitive, low price on a custom-tailored Amazon appeal POA with the added bonus that our Amazon Seller specialists craft and edit your Plan to your personal circumstance.  With unlimited revisions, escalations, and Seller Support, you get more than you can get from any other Amazon Reinstatement Service.

Deactivation Defence is your Amazon Appeal Solution for the Quickest Route to Account Reinstatement and to resolve verification issues on your account.

We win Amazon Seller Appeals for our clients!

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How It Works


"Having my account suspended was a nerve-racking experience but I was able to resume selling very quickly after using the Deactivation Defence service, which I now pay for monthly for ongoing support. Highly recommended"



We Have You Covered

Amazon Suspension Advice

Amazon often only gives vague reasons for why they’ve suspended your account. Account health services can help, but are inconsistent, and sometimes give bad or contradictory advice. Because of that, you may be struggling with appeals and long lists of files to find the best way to get your account back. You just want to be able to keep selling your products. We review your account in full and provide advice on the next steps to recovering your account.

Amazon Appeal Reviews

Doing it right the first time means you’ll get reinstated faster, and you can get back to business. We will invest time in conducting a review of any recent Amazon appeals you have submitted and provide our feedback.

Tailored Amazon Action Plans

We use the expertise gained from reading POA’s at Amazon to consult to sellers seeking reinstatement. An important part of this is making sure the strongest possible Plan of Action is presented, prior to requesting reinstatement.

Amazon Verification

When you sign up to sell on Amazon’s global eCommerce platform, there is a crucial two-part process that determines who you are and whether you will be accepted. Amazon has very strict rules and guidelines when it comes to your account set up, verification can occur at any time throughout an Amazon sellers journey. We will provide guidance throughout the procedure and make sure that you get the verification you require. By working with us, you increase the chances of your store succeeding and reduce the chances of being suspended.

Deactivation Defence Solutions

We offer two service solutions and payment options to best serve your situation.

Deactivation Defence Monthly 


DDM provides you with peace of mind, that if you should ever experience a suspension and/or verification issue, we have your back. You are also free to reach out to the expert team throughout your subscription period with any Amazon suspension-related queries you have.

Deactivation Defence Assist


DDA covers all pre-existing suspension and/or verification issues where you do not currently have DD Monthly cover in place. For this service solution, we provide the exact same formula for your Amazon account reinstatement, per account issue.

Safeguard Your Amazon Account

For A Profitable Future

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