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Amazon FBA - Keepa Graphs: How to Read and Understand Them

Keepa is a reliable app that, when utilised effectively, can give important data you can use whenever you’re out and about product sourcing.

Are you a Keepa user?

If you are, do you fully understand the data it presents you with?

When you look at the graphs, do you just see scribbles that don’t make any sense?

Sample Keepa Graph

Look at the Keepa graph above. Initially, you might find it confusing and in disarray. It looks pretty similar to a seismograph (you know the graph which tells you how strong an earthquake is?). However, don’t fret, all these lines and colors will eventually make sense.

Keepa Colors

Let’s start with the colors you see within the graph. Looking at the above graph again, to the right you’ll see a box that has all the colors and what each represents.

  • Green represents Sales Rank

  • Orange represents Amazon

  • Blue represents Marketplace New

  • Black represents Marketplace Used

Also, if you’ll notice, below these four primary data are additional options you can view, which are also helpful. However, for now, let’s just focus on these four main ones.

The Key Is In The Past

Part of how amazing Keepa is as a product sourcing buddy, is the capability to see past-dated data. Just below the four main data, as well as the additional optional information, you will see date ranges. Here, you’ll be able to select which data you’d like to see: day, week, month, 3 months, a year, or if you’re feeling fancy, you can also view all data Keepa has kept track on that specific item.

Here's where you can select the date ranges

On Keepa Dollars, Dates and Ranks

Dollars, Dates, Ranks

On the left side of the graph you’ll see dollar amounts, with the highest at the top and the lowest at the bottom. Within the bottom of the graph are the dates of the data you’ve chosen. The most recent ones are on the right side, with the oldest to the left. And finally, within the right side of the graph are the sales rank numbers, the highest at the top, and the lowest at the bottom.

You may select the set of data you wish to see. This is done by clicking the color-coded key on the right-side of the graph.

Color-coded options

Amazon Stocks

If you have chosen to see the Amazon data from the right-side menu, you should see orange shading within the graph. This tells you when Amazon has had the item in stock. Needless to say, if the area has orange shading, then Amazon has stock. Seeing white parts within the orange shading suggests dates when Amazon ran out of stock. By selecting different date ranges you would be able to see the frequency of Amazon losing stock of that particular item.

Orange means in stock, white means out of stock

Sales Rank - Paid Subscription Needed

Supposing you’ve upgraded your Keepa subscription to a paid one, you will be able to have access to Sales Rank History. You’ll be able to do this by clicking the green button to the right to get the sales rank data. Doing so, you’ll be able to see the green line within the graph, which represents the sales rank changes over time. Remember that the higher sales rank is at the top, whilst the lower sales rank is at the bottom.

Easy Access Data

Supposing you have turned on the four main parameters: Sales Rank, Amazon, Marketplace New and Marketplace Used, you will see all the colors representing these four within the graph. To easily view the data, you can hover over your cursor over a specific part of the graph - the part you want to look at. By doing so, you’ll be able to see that product’s Amazon price, the Marketplace New price, the Marketplace Used price and the Sales Rank. Then at the bottom, you’ll also see a small window which will show you the date where the data’s from.

If you move your cursor over the different parts of the graph, you’ll be able to see the changes on the product’s price and sales rank over time.

Quick data snapshot

Not Yet Using Keepa? Get it Now!

Keepa is a vital analysis tool for every Amazon seller, whether selling through Arbitrage, private label and so on. It is a valuable product analytics app. Keepa is a free tool which will tell you a product’s pricing history. However, for a minimal paid subscription you’d be able to gain access to Sales Rank history, as well as Buy Box history.

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This is a SKILL that needs to be mastered before you can fully systemise and automate your business and seriously scale it.

Inside the masterclass you’ll discover:

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To get access before it is removed, hit the link HERE.

Let us know if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to answer them.


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