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How To Set Up Your Amazon Seller Account: A Step-By-Step Guide

No one has control over the pandemic but nature itself. What we have control of is how we see and perceive things. Staying optimistic amidst all situations is something that most people should practice.

A lot of people have been laid off from jobs, but hey, they’re now able to spend time with their families. Lockdowns here and there, but at least mother nature is breathing again, and because of it the air has been cleared from pollution. Business establishments have been forced to close down, but there are a lot of ecommerce platforms where one can start a business again with little capital.

Amazon is one of those platforms. Amazon, if not the most, is one of the well-known ecommerce platforms out there. And, a lot of people go to Amazon not just to shop, but also to sell. Amazon selling has been really strong as of late since most people do their purchases online rather than going out with the fear of contacting the virus.

Within our previous article, we discussed why now is the most perfect time for you to start selling through Amazon. This time, we will guide you on how you can set up your Amazon Seller account, so you can start selling in no time.

Before We Get Started

Before going online and setting up your Amazon Seller account, there are two things that you should consider first.

1. You have to decide first which Amazon Marketplace you will be selling in. Amazon is a huge ecommerce platform, and when we say huge, it’s really HUGE! There are different Amazon marketplace locations you can select to sell in. Here’s the list of Amazon Marketplaces you can choose from:

  • United States

  • Canada

  • Mexico

  • United Kingdom

  • Germany

  • France

  • Italy

  • Spain

  • Japan

  • Singapore

  • United Arab Emirates

  • Brazil

  • Australia

  • India

  • Netherlands

  • Saudi Arabia

  • Turkey

  • Sweden (new in 2020)

  • Poland (new in 2021)

If you will ask us, we highly suggest that you start selling based on the country where you are in. That way, you will know the ins and outs of the country itself, e.g. people culture.

2. After you’ve decided which marketplace you will be selling in, it’s now time to decide which type of seller account you will be opening: Individual or Professional.


  • Your only allowed to sell 40 items per month, and Amazon will charge you a fee for every item when it sells

  • There’s no monthly fee, but you will have an annual disbursement limit or the maximum sales total you can reach

  • It is suggested to start as an individual seller if you are new to ecommerce and online sales and only wish to test the waters so to speak


  • There’s no limit to the number of products you can sell, but Amazon will charge you a monthly fee which varies depending on the marketplace you sell in

  • You have to be registered as sole trader or LTD with a UTR and provide Amazon with your registered business address

  • Always use a different email address from your Amazon Buyer's account

Create Your Amazon Seller Account

Now that you’ve figured out which is which from the points above, let’s now go ahead and create your Amazon Seller account.

1. First, you have to go to

2. Next, scroll down and look for the “Make Money” section, then click “See pricing”.

Note: You can click the orange “Sign Up” button, but it will automatically take you to the registration page for a professional account.

3. Once you’ve clicked “See pricing”, you will be taken to a page where you will be shown the two types of seller accounts. You will also see their differences and, well, their pricing. Choose the one you prefer.

4. After selecting the seller account you wish to open, enter your email address and password you wish to use, then click on “Next”.

5. Clicking “Next” will take you to a page where you have to enter an OTP, or a One-Time Password sent to the email address you’ve used. After inputting the OTP, click “Create your Amazon Account”.

6. The next page will ask you for the following information:

  • Business location: The country wherein your business is located. You have to be accurate since Amazon will be verifying it.

  • Business type: You have to select your business entity from the following: State-owned business, Publicly-owned business, Privately-owned business, Charity, or None, I am an individual

  • Full name: Enter your first name, middle name and surname.

After entering these details, click “Agree and continue”.

7. Once that’s done, the next page will then ask you for your personal information which is all self-explanatory. Once everything has been entered, click “Next”. Note that you have to make sure that the address you will be entering here is correct because again, it will be verified by Amazon.

8. After you’ve completed the personal information details page, the next one will then ask you to select which marketplace you wish to sell in, then click “Next”.

9. The next page will then ask you for your billing information, e.g. credit card number, billing address, etc. Then click “Next”.

10. Within the next page, you will be asked to answer these questions:

  • Amazon store name

  • If your products have UPC codes

  • If you are the manufacturer and/or brand owner of the products you’re selling

  • If you have a registered trademark for your products

After you have provided your answers, then click “Next”.

11. Remember the address you’ve entered in Step 7? This is where it will be verified by Amazon. The next page will ask you to verify the address you have entered within the personal information page. You have to click “Confirm”, and if the address you have entered is correct, then you will be receiving a postcard that has a verification code. The verification code will then need to be entered within the address validation page.

You just have to wait until your seller account is verified. And finally, once you’re verified, then you can start selling your products!

Final Thoughts

The steps are really no brainer if you think about it. However, as with other things which require you to enter your personal information, you have to be as accurate as possible so as not to delay your account’s verification.

Our final tip is not to hasten your selling experience. Once you’re verified and are already selling, take it one day and one sale at a time. Gain all the experience and knowledge as best as you can, since these will be usable for future situations.

Lastly, if you are still unsure about creating your Amazon Seller account, and you’re not confident starting out yet, then our Arbitrage Accelerator course will help you get fast tracked in getting started. It includes the Arbitrage Experts Blueprint course which is a foolproof guide in starting out, systemising your biz, and eventually scaling it up.


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