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Business Systemisation – Amazon FBA Arbitrage Business Overview

Within this video Tadie covers in detail the 5 CORE areas of an Arbitrage Business that you need to consider and develop before you can fully systemise and automate your business.

1. Business Objective – What are your business expectations? What are your targets for the year, per quarter, per month?

2. Business Resources – What resources do you need in place to effectively meet your business objectives on time?

3. Business Documents – What supporting documents do you and your team members need to effectively carry out the role (this also includes third parties)?

4. Business Processes – What areas of the business need a system developed? This is where you map out and document every minor and major task that needs to be carried out across all sectors of the business.

5. Business Management – What does your company personnel look like? Who works in what areas and who manages what?


Need More Help? Here Are Some Additional Resources

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