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Amazon FBA Multi Packs & Bundles

We love to analyse our sales data and find new and exciting ways to increase profit margins and expand on product opportunities in our own business. We love it even more when we share these tips and advice with other sellers who feedback on the successes they’ve had from our guidance.

We recently discussed the benefits to Multi Packs and Bundles inside our Inner Circle Mentor group as these are a great way for you to improve on your listings and profit.

Whether you are sourcing through retail or online arbitrage, you or your prepping team can strategically package single units together and resell to reap the rewards of greater profit margin.

But first let’s discuss the differences between the two…

What is a Multi Pack?

A multipack is simply a packaging of multiple quantities of the same product

An example of a multi-pack

An Amazon customer might find it more appealing to buy a multi-pack of 5 units of toothpaste for £10.00 instead of buying them individually for £3.00 each.

What is a Bundle?

A bundle is the combination of two or more products which is sold on Amazon as one unit and which has consequently only one ASIN. Basically, there are two possibilities how it can be combined: you can either use multiple items of the same kind to create a bundle or different items.

An example of a bundle.

An example of bundles is to package different (but complementary) items together. Take the image above, here we can see two complimentary cream products bundled together.

The terms can get confusing and often we hear people referring to bundles when they actually mean a multipack and vice versa, but this is how Amazon classifies them.

How To Successfully Prep Multi packs & Bundles

When you ship your multi packs and bundles into Amazon FBA against a listing that contains a set unit total, it's important that they all be packaged together as a single unit.

If you just ship your items in separately, Amazon will strand the stock and will flag this in your account.

Here are the two methods you can use to ship them in line with Amazon guidelines:

  1. Within a clear self-sealing poly bag that is at least 1.5 mm thick

  2. Using shrink with a sealer or heat gun

If you are sending in a set of products, that are to be sold as a set. You must affix a ‘do not separate’ or ‘sold as set’ label to the outer packaging as this is a requirement of Amazon. If you forget to attach this label Amazon might charge for an extra fee.

What Prepping Supplies Do I Require?

We’ve composed a prepping checklist to help you secure all the supplies you need to successfully prep multi packs, bundles and single unit products which can be accessed HERE.

We hope this helps you to start expanding your inventory selection and get started with multi packs and bundles! They can both be profitable additions to your inventory and prove as great replenishable sellers too.

Have you started selling multi packs and bundle items already? What tips would you like to share with us, as we would love to hear from you.


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