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Amazon Acronyms - A Dictionary Of Terms

Getting immersed with a brand new field is a great learning experience. It can be good and challenging at the same time.

Part of the challenge is learning the language used within the said industry. For example, if you’re just starting to be immersed with a specific sport, like volleyball, you have to learn the terms they’re using. You have to learn what a spike is, block, receive, etc. Or, if a friend introduces you to a new hobby like mountaineering or hiking, you have to know the words they use so you don’t get lost in translation when speaking with a fellow hiker or mountaineer.

Consider this article as your Amazon dictionary.

The same can be said for those who have just started their Amazon journey. Selling through Amazon doesn’t only mean you have to learn to read trends and data, or graphs and numbers within Keepa. You also have to learn and get used to the language used within the Amazon selling world.

It is a challenge, yes. However, with every challenge, there’s always a way to make things a little easier. That’s why within this article we will teach you the most common acronyms used by Amazon and Amazon sellers alike. Let’s start!


ASIN: Amazon Standard Identification Number

ASP: Average Sales Price

ATOP: At Time Of Posting

AZ or AMZ: Amazon


B&M: Brick-and-Mortar Store

BAM: Books-A-Million

BF: Black Friday

BL: Big Lots

BMVD: Books, Music, Video, and DVD

BN: Barnes & Noble

BOGO: Buy One, Get One

BOLO: Be On the LookOut

BSR: Best Seller Rank

BTS: Back To School


CC: Credit Card

CCC: CamelCamelCamel

COGS: Cost Of Goods Sold


DS: DropShipping


EAN: European Article Number

EIN: Employment Identification Number


FBA: Fulfillment By Amazon

FBM: Fulfillment By Merchant

FNSKU: Fulfillment Network SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)

FTFBA: Full-Time FBA


GC: Gift Card

GL: Gated List

GTIN: Global Trade Item Number


HBA: Health & Beauty Aids

HTF: Hard To Find


IL: Inventory Lab

ISBN: International Standard Book Number


LTH: Long-Term Hold

LTSF: Long-Term Storage Fee


MAP: Minimum Advertised Price

MF: Merchant Fulfilled

MFN: Merchant Fulfilled Network

MSKU: Merchant Stock Keeping Unit

MSRP: Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price


OA: Online Arbitrage


OOS: Out Of Stock

OTC: Over The Counter


PB: Profit Bandit

PL: Private Label

PM: Profit Margin


Q1: First Quarter of the year

Q2: Second Quarter of the year

Q3: Third Quarter of the year

Q4: Fourth Quarter of the year


RA: Retail Arbitrage

ROI: Return On Investment


SC: Seller Central

SKU: Stock Keeping Unit

SM: Scanner Monkey

These are only some of the most commonly used acronyms within the Amazon selling jungle.


In conclusion, there is a lot to learn when you first enter selling through Amazon. What matters is how you take every learning you encounter.

For this particular lesson, take it one acronym at a time. No one’s pressuring you to memorize these acronyms right away. Save the URL of this article so you have something to go back to whenever you get lost with an acronym.

Ultimately, the more you use a term, the more you get familiar with its meaning and usage.


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