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What Is An Amazon Verified Wholesaler & How To Find Them For Ungating

Q4 is just somewhere around the corner. If you ask seasoned Amazon sellers, what their top tips are in preparing for it, then, you can be guaranteed that one of them will be to get ungated in as many categories as possible. They will also tell you that there is no better time to get ungated than now!

Today we talk about Amazon-verified wholesalers.

Getting ungated is the art of requesting for Amazon’s approval to sell within restricted categories, also known as gated categories. It is a simple process of sending your request, then submitting all necessary documents. It shouldn’t be as complex as it may seem. However, a lot of sellers, both newbies and seasoned ones alike tend to commit basic mistakes which cause their requests to be rejected.

The key here is to do it right the first time.

One of the mistakes that sellers commit is finding the right wholesaler to buy products from to get ungated. Avoid this mistake and a lot more by downloading our Top Tips To Ungating for free. Here we will give you the tried and tested tips to generally get ungated.


Wholesale suppliers, or Wholesalers in short are entities who sell goods in large quantities to be retailed by others. In general, it is the sale of goods in bulk to anyone other than a standard consumer. And Amazon verified wholesale suppliers are companies whom Amazon have verified and approved so they are the right ones to purchase from to get ungated.

One of the steps in getting ungated is to purchase a minimum number of goods from an Amazon verified wholesaler. After which, you need to submit the invoice from the whole supplier to Amazon.

Wholesale suppliers do not include grocery stores such as Makro, hence, invoices from these stores will not be honored by Amazon. Now, do you understand why a lot of sellers commit the mistake of finding the right wholesaler? This is because a lot of sellers think that grocery stores are considered wholesalers. They’re not.

Wholesale Suppliers vs. Manufacturers

Before we proceed, we feel like we also need to address the elephant in the room. What are the differences between wholesalers and manufacturers?

Manufacturers are the ones who design and create the products that you sell. They also have control to modify current products in the market, or even create exclusive ones. On the other hand, wholesalers are the middlemen between manufacturers and sellers.

Wholesaler For Ungating

It can be quite confusing to search for the right wholesaler to purchase products that you will use for ungating. That is why we’ve compiled this nifty guide to help you search for the right wholesaler.

It has to be UK-based.

1. The first and most important detail is to source from a UK-based wholesaler. Alibaba is not an option because of this.

2. Once you’ve found a potential wholesaler, get in touch with Amazon Seller Central Support to verify if they are approved by Amazon. Do this before you make any purchases. We don’t want to spend funds on products that cannot be used to get ungated. Again, the key here is doing it right the first time.

3. Sadly, Amazon will not give you a list of UK-based Amazon verified suppliers. However, they may say yes or no to the ones on your list.

4. As mentioned above, grocery stores are not considered wholesalers, even if they are in the UK. Stores like Makro, Bookers or Costco are not options to get products for ungating from.

5. Search for wholesale suppliers that have a wide range of products. This will allow you to get ungated in as many categories as possible. You will also be able to save some delivery charges.

6. Lastly, once you already have your list of verified wholesale suppliers, it’s now time to create trade accounts with them, which can now mostly be done online.


The art of ungating is an easy one, albeit a bit tricky. There are some minute details that if you miss out on might cause your application to be rejected. The good thing though is that you can send a new approval as soon as you get the result of the initial one. There is no wait time when you can submit another one.

However, it is best to do everything right the first time. The sooner you get approved, the sooner you can start selling products within that category. Attention to detail is a huge factor. Do not miss out on important parts of the process to avoid getting your application delayed, moreover rejected.

Getting ungated is all about attention to details.

Lastly, apart from the guide above, we’ve also compiled a list of UK-based Amazon verified wholesale suppliers. This way, members of our community wouldn’t have difficulties finding the right wholesaler. This will also expedite the time they take in requesting to get ungated on certain categories. Make ungating be a breeze by not missing out on this exclusive wholesaler list.


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