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How to Sell Multiple Items in One Listing on eBay | Create Multiple Variation Listings Tutorial

In this video, I will show you how to sell multiple items in one listing on eBay. I will give you the reasons to sell multiple items, I will show you the types of products recommended for this, and share my screen to show you step-by-step how to list the variations on your store.

What are Listings with variations?

You can unite identical things with different variations under a single, fixed-price listing when you have a lot of them. This sort of listing is for items that are closely similar but have their own unique variations. As a result, you can give a buyer a certain product with a variety of options, such as size, color, and width.

Watch the full video below.

What are the advantages of multiple variation listings?

When a buyer is looking for a specific product but isn't sure which color or kind they want, listings with variations are more effective because buyers can view all of their options in one spot, which maximizes their probability of making a purchase. Variation listings also prevent your target customer from making purchases elsewhere.

If you have a single-item listing and it doesn't match a buyer's search, the customer may assume you don't have what they're looking for in stock and probably they will look into another seller. Variable listings are cheaper since eBay does not charge an additional fee for variants you add to your listing.

Steps to Create Multiple Variation Listings.

Check whether the category you plan to list is available for multi-variation listings.

Each listing can have 5 variation details and up to 60 values for each of those details.

The prices of your items can vary, but your payment methods and shipping costs must be the same.

1. As usual, click “sell” on the top of your ebay page.

2. Look for the appropriate category for the items you'll be listing.

3. Fill in all of the details on the listing description page including your title, pictures, item specific and etc.

4. To make a variation, click the Create variation button.

5. If you couldn't find the button, there are usually two reasons behind this: - In that category you chose, listing with variations is not available. - Only fixed-price listings are compatible with variations. They aren't compatible with auction listings.

6. So, if you are on auction-style listings, scroll down and select the fixed price for the format in the selling details section.

7. So, after you click the “create variation” button, the variant page appears.

8. Choose the attributes you wanted to appear on your listing's page and select options for each attribute depending on your stock. If the attribute you want does not appear on the page, you can create it on your own. Note: Inspect the variations to ensure that your inventory matches the quantity chosen for each variant. You can simply eliminate versions for which you don't have enough stock.

9. After clicking continue, you can add your default photo and variation photos. Your main photo should be in the default photo.

* The maximum number of photos is up to 12 for each variation 10. After that, add UPC (optional), quantities, and price. This can be different for each variant of your item's combinations.


Make sure use attractive photo in your default photo as the buyer will the photo first before they jump into variation photos

If you choose to list in 2 categories, make sure both categories are available for multi-variations listings.

Active the “Volume Pricing” promotion in your listings will increase the chance of sales from buyer to buy more than 1 item for more discount.

Re-check your inventory regularly to avoid order cancellation due to out-of-stock.

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